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Climate Change and Earth Cryosphere

September 2, 2009

NASA produces amazing videos using data they gather. I remember when I was reading books, data in there always was outdated. This is not the case anymore with Internet. Video below is about Earth ice cover and how is it affected by climate change. If you watch closely you will see that some data used in video is as fresh as from 2009. That’s just amazing for me.


NASA Studies Climate Change

August 25, 2009

I love to talk about climate change and global warming stuff. It’s awesome that NASA pays attention to it too and uses space technologies to monitor Earth climate changes. But it’s not only the high tech satellites which help us to understand how climate is changing. Sometimes you can find evidence of it in the places you wouldn’t expect like bee hives for example. Yes, you got it right — NASA scientists do study bee hives:

It’s amazing to see how well is everything connected on our planet. Climate gets warmer, flowers blossom earlier, bees don’t pollen as many flowers as they used to which results in less fruits and veggies for us to eat. Humanity developed to a stage where we can influence on a planetary scale, so we should be really careful with the powers we have.