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LCROSS Crashed to the Moon

October 11, 2009

For those, who still did not see the LCROSS crash:

Nothing spectacular :) Unfortunately scientists did not say right away if they found water, more data analysis required. I am pretty sure, that if there were lots of water in that crater, then they would be able to confirm it right away. It means that even if water exists in dark Lunar craters there is not so much of it (which sucks).

We’ll have to build a base on Mars and skip the Moon ;)


Voyage in the Milky Way

September 14, 2009

I posted so many pictures and videos about different space objects, but nothing can beat our own home — Milky Way. European Southern Observatory created an outstanding 360 degree picture of our galaxy. I still don’t understand how did we discover what is the shape of our galaxy, because we can only see it from inside. In any case it is just beautiful:

If you want to get picture featured in this video, you can do it on ESO website. Different picture sizes available on the right hand side.

New Hubble Pictures

September 9, 2009

Hubble was serviced in May of this year. Astronauts replaced old camera with a better new one. Also they repaired some old equipment. Since then Hubble crew was testing and calibrating new devices and finally we have new stunning pictures! Gravitational lenses (light bends affected by massive galaxies), colliding galaxies and exploding stars — all those goodies just one click away :-) As usual Hubble is unbeatable in delivering astronomy pictures, enjoy:

I am speechless — that’s what today’s cutting edge technology can bring us.